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・オリジナル専用バッグ (Original roll-up Pouch)

・帆布 (Cotton canvas)

・本藍染 Aauthentic Japanese indigo dyed)

・真田紐付 (The cord that wraps the pouch to bind it when it is rolled up is a pure silk "Sanada-himo" made by a craftsman of long standing in Kyoto)

   <Color: Navy>


・広げた時のサイズ(Size when it is open)

 32cm x 19.5cm


・上部を折った時のサイズ(Size when the top part is folded)

 19cm x 19.5cm


単品:持ち歩き用袋【紐・紺色】(Single Item: Roll-up Pouch)(Color of the code: Navy)

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